Philips CL514 Ceiling Light SSW RD 36W 40-65-27K Red HV _Š_ˆ


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PHILIPS CL514 CEILING LIGHT SSW RD 36W 40-65-27K RED HV_¯ä_款é__�質的_Š_ˆ,_·有多種實_¨功_½ï__º您提供_’_©ã\�_¹便_„_§明體驗_‚

Philips CL514 CEILING LIGHT SSW RD 36W 40-65-27K RED HV _·有 EyeComfort _\術,_�供對_¼睛_‹好的_§明_ˆ_œ_‚它_š_Ž了_´格的測試標準,_…_¬閃_�_�_ƒ_‰_�_©光_�_²彩_„_Ÿ_Œ調光_ˆ_œ等,確ä_符合 EyeComfort 要求_‚Philips LED _ˆ泡ä__…_�供_’_©的_§明_ˆ_œ,_Œ且_¨使_¨壽_½內ï__½å_保_�ä¸\_´的_‰質ã\�輸出和_²彩,_�續_º您提供_ª質_„_§明體驗_‚

Philips CL514 CEILING LIGHT SSW RD 36W 40-65-27K RED HV _·有_‰滑_“_¼æ_潔_„_�_™,讓_¨è_鬆維護家å__´æ__‚它_„安裝也_ž常簡_®ï__ªéœ\將_¶固å__¨牆壁_–天花板ä_,_’上_’_­即可使_¨ã\‚

Philips CL514 CEILING LIGHT SSW RD 36W 40-65-27K RED HV _·有_¯調_‰_Ÿ_½ï__½å__¹據_¨的心_…_–活動_\求,調ç__ˆ_‰_„_²彩_‚溫暖_„_½色適合_¾é_,_·靜_„_½天_‰_©合_�高注意_›_‚它_„_·有_“_¼使_¨的壁_§開_œ,讓_¨è_鬆_‡_›不_Œ_„_ˆ_‰顏_²ã\‚

Philips CL5"1">_

Cozy light effect

Create a warm, comforting environment to wind down and relax in.


EyeComfort - light that's easy on the eyes

Poor quality light_can_cause eye strain. With many of us spending time indoors, it_™s more important than ever to properly light your home. Our products meet stringent test criteria including flicker, strobe, glare, color rendition and dimming effects to ensure they meet_EyeComfort__requirements._Philips LED bulbs not only deliver comfortable light, but also stay that way for the duration of their lifespan, delivering consistent light quality, output, and color for more than a decade. Switch to light that_™s easy on your eyes. Your eyes will thank you.


Easy to clean

Smooth and easy-to-clean materials mean your home always looks attractive from floor to ceiling.


Easy installation

No more hassle in installation. Just fix or hang securely on the wall or ceiling, and plug in, now this luminaire is ready to light on.


Tunable - from warm white to cool daylight

Tunable lighting lets you change the color of light to match your mood or activity. Warm white is ideal for relaxation, cool daylight for invigorating focus.


Tunable with wall switch

An easy-to-use wall switch allows you to shift between different light colors.

Design and finishing

  • Color: Red
  • Material:_Synthetics diffuser + metal frame

Product dimensions & weight

  • Height 8.4 _cm
  • Length 48.3_ cm
  • Width 48.3_ cm

Technical specifications

  • Lifetime up to 15,000 _hour(s)
  • Diameter 483_ mm
  • Total lumen output fixture 2550lm
  • Light color 6000/3000/4000
  • Mains power 220-240V
  • Fixture dimmable Yes
  • LED Yes
  • Built in LED Yes
  • Wattage bulb included 36W
  • IP code IP20