Philips 66136 Einstein Desk Lamp LED Anthracite _º慧學習桌_ˆ


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Philips 66136 Einstein _º慧學習桌_ˆ_¯ä_款é__�質的_§明_¢品,_�_™了超_²率_‚巢ç‹\_²眩光_¢板ï__¯以讓_ˆ_‰_´加_”_Œ_�_‡_»ã\‚它_¯持三級亮度調ç_,_¯以滿足不_Œ_´合_„_\求_‚此å_,它_„_¯持_º慧感_‰,_¯以_¹據_¨圍_°å__ª動調ç_亮度,保護孩子_„_¼睛_‚它_„顯色指_¸可以_”__5,_¯以很好地還_Ÿ_©é__„_Ÿ實色彩_‚_¨還_¯以設置休_¯提_’計_‚_¨和延遲熄_ˆ計_‚_¨ï_讓使用更加_¹便_‚

Philips 66136 Einstein _º慧學習桌_ˆ_„外è§\設è_簡æ__�_‚尚,_ˆ體_º炭灰色ï__ž常è\�_‹_‚它_„_·有多種人_§化_„設è_,例如_¹便_„觸控調_‰_�調色功_½和_’計_‚休_¯提_’等,_¯以_º您提供_\佳的使用é_驗_‚

Philips 66136 Einstein _º慧學習桌_ˆ_“_¼å_裝_Œ_�作,_¯以_º您提供高_�質的_§明_ˆ_œ_‚它_„_·有_ªç__„ç¯\_½æ\§能ï__¯以_�低_¨的_¨電成_¬ï__º您的_Ÿ活帶來_´å__„便利和ç¯\約_‚

The light-emitting panel of this desk lamp adopts a super-curvature honeycomb anti-glare design making the light soft and uniform. It supports three levels of brightness adjustment to meet the needs of different scenarios. This desk lamp supports intelligent light-sensing, and would automatically adjust the brightness according to the surrounding to protect the children's eyes. The color rendering index could go as high as 95, restoring the true colors of everything. You could also set a_rest reminder timer and delayed lights-off timer, making it more convenient to use.

Design and_finishing

Color: AnthraciteMaterial: Metal , synthetic


Lifetime up to: 15,000 hour(s)
Total lumen output_fixture: 650_lm_
Colour Temp.: 2800K/4200K/5100K
Mains power: Range 220_V - 240 V,_50-60 Hz
Fixture dimmable: Yes
LED: Yes
Built in LED: Yes
Number of bulbs: 1
Maximum wattage replacement bulb: 14W
CRI: >95
IP code: IP20, protection against_objects bigger than 12.5 mm, no_protection against water
Class of protection: II - double_insulated
Function: Super slim design, Brightness auto-calibration, Linear dimming, 40 minutes rest reminder, 30-second delay switch off (超纖_„外形設計_�_†_§度_ª適自動調ç__�線_§無極調光_�40_†_˜_¼睛休_©提_’_�30秒延時_œ_ˆ)

Product dimensions & weight

Height: 43.9_cmLength: 36.5_cmNet weight: 2_kgWidth: 20_cm