Philips 66129 iCarePie table lamp LED white _º慧學習桌_ˆ


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Philips 66129 iCarePie _º慧學習桌_ˆ_¯ä_款能å__º您提供_Ž亮的學ç__°å__Œ_�高工ä__ˆ_‡_„_º慧照明_¢品_‚它設è_了40_†_˜定_‚_¨功_½ï__�_’_¨éœ\要休_¯ï_以及_ª動亮度_¡æ__Ÿ_½ï__º您提供_\佳的_±è__°å_,_º您的_¼睛_�供_´加_’_©的使用é_驗_‚

Philips 66129 iCarePie _º慧學習桌_ˆ_¡用é__�è³_LED _ˆ_ ,_½å__º您提供_”_Œ_�_‡_»的_§明_ˆ_œ,不_ƒ對_¨的_¼睛_ _�_·害_‚它_„_·有多種照明模å_,_…_¬閱è_模å__�工ä_模å__Œ休_’模å_等,_¯以滿足不_Œ_´合_„_\求_‚

Philips 66129 iCarePie _º慧學習桌_ˆ設è_簡ç__‚尚,_ˆ體_º白色ï_外è§\_¨特ã\‚它_„_·有人æ\§化_„設è_,_�_‰_¹便_„觸控調_‰_�調色功_½和40_†_˜定_‚_¨功_½ï_讓_¨可以_¨時調ç__ˆ_‰,_�高工ä__ˆ_‡_‚

Philips iCarePie LED desk light creates a well-illuminated learning environment for your productivity. Designed with a 40-min timer feature to remind you of taking breaks and an auto brightness calibration feature for the optimal reading environment, iCarePie creates a brighter way of working for the comfort of your eyes.

Technical Specifications

Design and finishing



Product dimensions & weight

Height: 40 _cm

Length: 40.1 _cm

Net weight: 1.313 _kg

Width: 18.5 _cm

Technical specifications

Lifetime up to 15,000 _hour(s)

Total lumen output fixture: 920 lm

Mains power: Range 100 V - 240 V; 50-60 Hz

Fixture dimmable: Yes

LED: Yes

Built in LED: Yes

Number of bulbs: 1

Maximum wattage replacement bulb: 9.6 W

IP code: IP20 - protection against objects bigger than 12.5 mm; no protection against water

Class of protection: II - double insulated

Light source replaceable: No

Extra feature/accessory incl.: FFP - Frustration Free Pack: Yes


Especially designed for

Home office & Study

Living- & Bedroom

Type: Table lamp

EyeComfort: No

Service: Warranty 2 year(s)

Packaging dimensions and weight

EAN/UPC - product: 8718696174494

Net weight: 1.313 _kg

Gross weight: 1.715 _kg

Height: 68.000 _mm

Length: 220.000 _mm

Width: 490.000 _mm

Material number (12NC): 915005862101