Zenox Mercury Mk-2 Gaming Chair (Fabric/Charcoal) | 水星Mk-2 電競椅 (布面/碳黑)


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Zenox Mercury Mk-2 Gaming Chair (Fabric/Charcoal) | Zenox 水星Mk-2 電競椅 (布面/碳黑)

電競椅(Gaming Chair)是近年來受到廣泛追捧的辦公椅款式之一,因其專為電競愛好者而設計,提供了很多特殊功能與舒適性。HOMEMADE MALL 透過引進ZENOX品牌的水星Mk-2系列電競椅,讓更多人能夠享受到高品質的電競椅體驗。水星Mk-2系列電競椅採用人體工學設計,提供了高度的腰托、可調整的靠背、可伸縮的腳墊等功能,以確保長時間的坐姿舒適。此外,水星Mk-2系列電競椅還擁有豐富的配色選擇和時尚的外觀設計,這使得它們成為不僅在電競界,而且在辦公室和家庭中都非常受歡迎的選擇。


Equipped with the highest end TUV certified Class 4 Hydraulic Gas Lift , the Mercury Mk-2 allows a smooth and noiseless height adjustment.

配備最高端 TUV 認證 4級液壓氣桿 ,水星Mk-2 系列的電競椅提供順暢靜音的升降感受。

Lay down flat completely with Mercury Mk-2's Gaming Chair Full Height Reclinable & Lock-able Backrest that can recline up to 180° and lock at different angles.

水星 Mk-2水星-電競椅能夠完全平躺,椅背最多可傾斜 180度,並可以使用鎖定功能將椅背於不同角度鎖定。

Lean back and sway with Mercury Mk-2's built-in Tilt Mechanism, the backrest is synchronized regardless of its angle.

水星Mk-2系列-電競椅 內置後仰功能,能向後躺下。

Depending on your weight and preference, adjust the tilt resistance via the Tilt Tension Knob on the mechanism to find the most comfortable configuration.

根據你的體重和偏好,電競椅可扭動座椅下方 旋轉輪調整後仰阻力,從而尋找到最舒適的位置。



All New Pillow Upgrade

The Mercury MK-2 comes with a complimentary set of Adjustable Headrest & Lumbar Support Pillows.

Differing from the lumbar support pillow made out of regular molded foam, the High-Density Memory Foam Headrest Pillow is soft to the touch and moulds to your unique shape while providing excellent support to your neck.

The headrest pillow has an extra Cooling-Gel Layer that cools you down when heat naturally builds up in longer gaming sessions.


水星Mk-2 電競椅配有可調節頭枕及腰枕

為腰椎及頸部提供適當支撐。有別於腰枕使用的定型海綿,頭枕使用高密度記憶海綿保持柔軟度並能完全貼身用家頸部。頭枕更有額外冷卻膠層 ,幫助頸部散熱。

Keeping You Cool

The headrest pillow has an extra Cooling-Gel Layer that cools you down when heat naturally builds up in longer gaming sessions.



Leather or Fabric

The Spectre Mk-2 comes with Both Leather & Fabric Upholstery Option.

The popular upholstery of Synthetic Leather (PU) provides a scratch, water, and odor resistant surface for the chair with minimal maintaince required. Spectre Series's leather option has the added features of Faux Suede Patches for the premium asthestics and a Perforated Leather Seatbase for extra ventilation.

The All-New Smooth-Knit Fabric option in comparison is soft to the touch with a breathable surface yet remain as scratch-resistant as its leather counterpart.



水星Mk-2 現共有兩種材質可選:人造皮革或柔韌布料



Got Your Back On Every Mission

Inspired by racing car seats, our Mercury Mk-2 is ergonomically designed to provide proper back support with its Full Height Reclinable & Lock-able Backrest.

The seat base is constructed with Double-Padded High Density Foam to accommodate extensive gaming sessions.


Got Your Back On Every Mission

水星Mk-2 的靈感來自賽車座椅,座椅設計符合人體工學而設計



Fit For All Desks

Adjust your 3D PU-Coated Armrests in all direction to find your optimal gaming configuration. The PU coating provides a comfortable cushioning for your arms.



兩邊的3D PU軟墊扶手能夠調整高度和轉向左右,找到你的最佳位置。 扶手採用 (PU) 塗層內置軟墊,可為你的手臂提供舒適和良好的支撐。

Effortless Assembly

The addition of a Guiding Rail with Magnetised Side-cover on the side of the backrest makes the chair assembly process even easier than before.



新增安裝路軌 磁性側蓋令座椅安裝比以前更爲簡單

Built to Last

The Mercury Mk-2 's Reinforced Nylon Wheelbase is able to support up to 110kg in weight, it is paird with five PU Dual-Wheel Casters that is suitable to traverse on both hard and soft surfaces.



水星Mk-2配有强化尼龍腳架 能夠承托高達110kg體重,配合雙輪椅轆 適合於任何硬度地面行走