Govee DreamView G1 Gaming Light 遊戲燈光 (For 24'-29' PCs)


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Model: H604B

GOVEE DREAMVIEW G1 GAMING LIGHT是一款專為24'-29'電腦設計的遊戲燈光,為您的遊戲體驗增添了更多的色彩和樂趣。它具有四種專業遊戲模式,讓您的遊戲感覺更加史詩般,無論您是休閒遊戲玩家還是職業電子競技選手。

GOVEE DREAMVIEW G1 GAMING LIGHT能夠無縫地捕捉每一種顏色,適用於大多數專業遊戲顯示器。它採用行業領先的設計,比普通燈條更具威力。此外,它還提供了四種專業遊戲模式:故事情節、競賽、射擊和賽車。

GOVEE DREAMVIEW G1 GAMING LIGHT還擁有雙向音頻可視化功能,可以根據揚聲器或耳機音頻反應,為您的遊戲體驗增添更多的動感效果。它還具有應用程式功能,您可以將其他Govee燈光與Dreamview G1配對,為您的遊戲營造更加豐富的照明效果。

The future of lighting is here with G1. With four specialized game-match modes, G1 makes your gameplay feel more epic, whether you're a casual gamer or a professional esports player.

  • Seamlessly Capture Every Color: Suitable for most professional gaming monitors.
  • Industry-Leading Design: 1.5x more powerful than normal light strips.
  • 4 Specialized Game Modes: Storyline, Competition, Shoot, and Racing.
  • Two-Way Audio Visualizer: Reacts to the speaker or headphone audio.
  • App Features: Pair your other Govee lights with Dreamview G1.
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