Fnatic Streak 65 Low Profile Gaming Keyboard 高性能電競鍵盤


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FNATIC STREAK 65 LOW PROFILE GAMING KEYBOARD是一款專為電競愛好者設計的高性能鍵盤。該鍵盤採用紋理按鍵,讓您在遊戲或打字時感受更加出色的手感。PBT鍵帽採用雙注塑模具製造,鍵帽更加緊密堅固,擊鍵聲更加悅耳。同時,全新的彈簧式USB-C電源線可有效減少電線纏繞。

FNATIC STREAK 65 LOW PROFILE GAMING KEYBOARD採用堅固的鋁合金材質,重量輕盈,僅420克,耐用性和可攜性皆有保障。同時,鍵盤采用多層音波阻尼泡沫,為您提供更優質的聲音體驗。自定義潤滑穩定器,可減少抖動和不一致性,提高鍵盤的聲音效果。

FNATIC STREAK 65 LOW PROFILE GAMING KEYBOARD採用自訂設計的按鍵,可擁有多達16.8萬種顏色的燈光效果。可通過OP軟件進行自定義,並保存到板載存儲器中。兩個額外的空格鍵LED位於開關的兩側,更能提高視覺效果。自定義FNATIC設計的鍵帽設計,可使更多的燈光從開關側面散射出來,讓您的桌面設置更加明亮。

FNATIC STREAK 65 LOW PROFILE GAMING KEYBOARD採用低軸高開關,與傳統機械開關相比高度降低35%,可讓您更自然地放置手腕,甚至不需要使用腕墊。極速1.0毫米預行程,使您在遊戲中擁有更加流暢的擊鍵體驗,讓您更專注於遊戲表現。

FNATIC STREAK 65 LOW PROFILE GAMING KEYBOARD通過USB連接作為HID兼容鍵盤,可與大多數支持它的設備兼容。總之,FNATIC STREAK 65 LOW PROFILE GAMING KEYBOARD是一款專為電競愛好者打造的高性能鍵盤,擁有出色的手感、耐用性和燈光效果,是提高遊戲表現的理想選擇。

TEXTURED KEYSGives you an even better feel when gaming or typing out that KPI report that was due last week.

PBT KEYCAPSMade with double injection moulds, our new keycaps are now denser and much more durable for that satisfying thock.

COILED CABLEThe brand new coiled USB-C power cable will sit pretty on your desk while minimizing cable clutter.


Aluminium construction

Solid Aluminium metal build whilst weighing a featherlight 420 grams guarantees durability and portability.

Optimised acoustics

We’ve added an extra layer of sound dampening foam to help with the overall acoustics of the keyboard.

Custom lubricated stabilisers

Our custom-moulded stabilisers come pre-lubricated, reducing rattle and inconsistencies, improving keyboard acoustics.


Immersive lighting

16.8 million colours to choose from. Customisable in OP software, and saved directly to on-board storage. Two extra space bar LEDs flanking the sides of the switch.

Less keycap, more light

Custom FNATIC-designed keycap profile expels more lighting out of the side of the switch, and spreads it across the whole keyboard to brighten your desk set-up.


Coiled and ready

Coming in at a total of 1.8 meters in length, the braided exterior cable will sit pretty on your desk while also minimizing cable clutter thanks to the neatly-packed, yet extendable 16 centimeter coil.

It’s as simple as A to C

And unlike some other companies that are still stuck in the past, we know what people want, so of course our power cable has standard, non-proprietary USB-A to USB-C connectors.


The ultimate esports switch

Equipped with FNATIC low profile switches, the STREAK65 LP gives you maximum speed with just a 1.0mm pre-travel. This gives smooth, flawless keystrokes when gaming, allowing you to focus on your performance.

Switch ergonomics perfected

The low profile FNATIC switch is 35% lower than traditional mechanical switches. The height of the keys is reduced, allowing for a healthier, more natural wrist position, even without the use of a wrist-rest.


The STREAK65 LP connects via USB as an HID-compliant keyboard and should work with most devices that support it.