Philips WiZ Downlight RGB 6.5W 4" 智能 Wi-Fi 嵌入式筒燈


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Philips WiZ Downlight RGB 6.5W 4" 智能 Wi-Fi 嵌入式筒燈

Product Overview

● 智能全彩燈
● 場景設置
● 在家和外出控制
● 家庭照明自動化:設置適合您生活方式的時間表
● 下載適用於 Android 或 iPhone 的免費 WiZ App,開始使用您的智能燈
● 不兼容 Philips Hue app 


Philips 智能 Wi-Fi LED 照明使用易於使用、功能強大且價格合理的智能燈泡,讓您可以完全控制您的照明。我們讓您喜愛的所有高品質 Philips 燈泡變得更加智能,只需將它們連接到您現有的 Wi-Fi 網絡。靈動的色彩和白光——多彩生活。動態燈光模式使任何房間都以您最喜歡的顏色發光。無論您在哪裡使用 WiZ 應用程式或您最喜歡的兼容語音控制設備,都可以控制您的燈光。這款嵌入式筒燈易於安裝在任何 E26 中型底座嵌入式。產品需要 Wi-Fi 連接才能以無線方式運行。

Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED lighting puts you in complete control of your lighting with smart bulbs that are easy to use, functional, and affordable. Weve made all your favorite high-quality Philips bulbs smarter, just connect them to your existing Wi-Fi network. Smart color and white light - live life colorfully. Dynamic light modes make any room glow in your favorite color. Control your lights wherever you are using the WiZ app or your favorite compatible voice control device. This recessed downlight is easy to install in any E26 medium base recessed can. Product requires a Wi-Fi connection to operate wirelessly.
  • Smart full color light
  • Scene setting
  • At home and away control
  • Home lighting automation: set schedules to suit your lifestyle
  • Download the free WiZ app for Android or iPhone to start using your smart lights
  • Not compatible with the Philips Hue app