Govee H6199 Dreamview T1 Wi-Fi TV Strip Lights | WI-FI 電視背光燈 For 55-65 inches TV (3.8m)


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Govee DreamView T1 Wi-Fi TV Backlights

GOVEE DREAMVIEW T1 WI-FI 電視背光燈是您電視和遊戲體驗的終極附屬品。它擁有ColorSense技術,智能識別並捕捉您電視屏幕上的顏色,並自動應用於您的背光燈上,讓您的遊戲世界不再局限於電視屏幕四個角落。

GOVEE DREAMVIEW T1還提供了通過Siri、Alexa或Google Assistant的無線語音控制,讓您可以通過簡單的語音命令開關燈光、更改顏色或調整亮度,輕鬆設置您想要的氛圍,讓您無需離開沙發就能掌控一切。

但這還不是全部——GOVEE DREAMVIEW T1還可以讓您更深度地享受音樂,將您最喜愛的歌曲的動態聲音與鮮豔的色彩同步,大大提升您的音樂體驗。而且它與大多數55-85英寸平面屏幕兼容,讓您可以通過全方位的燈光照明重新體驗您最喜愛的電視節目。

GOVEE DREAMVIEW T1還提供了12種動態場景模式,讓您輕鬆創造出您想要的史詩級遊戲或輕鬆電影之夜氛圍。而對於那些想要更多顏色的人,這款背光燈還提供了分段顏色控制,由其RGBIC技術實現,讓您可以在單個燈條上個性化每個段落,為您帶來更加生動的觀賞體驗。

GOVEE DREAMVIEW T1還通過Govee Home應用程式提供智能應用程式控制,讓您可以從任何Wi-Fi連接處開啟/關閉燈光或選擇燈光模式。

GOVEE DREAMVIEW T1 WI-FI 電視背光燈是電視或遊戲設置的終極配件,提供先進的技術、無線語音控制和可自定義的觀賞體驗。


Your Ultimate TV & Gaming Experience
ColorSense Technology
Our ColorSense camera intelligently recognizes and captures the colors on your TV screen and applies then to your backlights automatically. Extend your playing universe beyond the four corners of your TV screen.
Your Voice Has Power
Enjoy hands-free control? We’ve got you covered. Use Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant to power your lights on/off, change their colors, or increase/lower the brightness to your desired level. With simple voice commands, you’ll save time while setting the mood you want. Govee DreamView T1 Wi-Fi TV Backlight Kit with Colorsense Camera

Light Up Your Music
It’s time you fully immerse in your favorite songs. Sync the dynamic sounds of that live concert or karaoke night with vivid colors, greatly enhancing your musical experience.
Every Side Covered
Govee DreamView T1 TV backlights are perfect for most 55-85inches flatscreens Reinvent how you binge-watch your favorite TV shows with dynamic colors emitting from every corner of your TV.
This backlight is not optimized to work with curved TVs.
Govee DreamView T1 Wi-Fi TV Backlight for 65 inch

12 Scene Modes Create your epic gaming or casual movie night ambiance with 12 dynamic scene modes to choose from.
Govee DreamView T1 Wi-Fi TV Backlight Kit RGBW Light Segmented Color For those who want more color, you'll love our segmented color control feature, made possible by our RGBIC technology. Personalize every segment on a single strip light for a more vibrant viewing experience. Govee DreamView T1 Wi-Fi TV Backlight Kit with Smart APP Control Smart APP Control Use the Govee Home app to power your lights on/off or select light modes from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection.

Govee DreamView T1 TV Backlight

Model: H6199 Suitable TV Size: 55-65 inches
Control Methods: Bluetooth, 433 Remote Control, Smart App Length: 12.5ft/ 4 Sections Material: Plastic Voltage: 12 Volts Wattage: 24 watts Item Weight: 0.62 kg
Product Guides and User Manual (PDF)