Govee H6066 Glide Hexa Pro Wall Light Panels 燈板


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Govee H6066 Glide Hexa Pro Light Panels 3D   燈板

Model: H6066

Govee Glide Hexa Pro LED 燈板是一款令人驚艷的 3D 照明產品。透過智能控制,您可以使用 RGBIC 六邊形 LED 燈板設計出獨特的 3D 燈光效果。每個包裝中包含了 10 個面板,您可以最多使用 25 個面板來設計出您理想的照明效果。

這款燈板擁有令人驚艷的 RGBIC 3D 燈光效果,結合了柔和的背光,讓燈光效果更具立體感。您可以根據自己的喜好提前設計照明佈局,也可以選擇從推薦的佈局中進行選擇。此外,您也可以通過選擇多彩的動畫效果和音樂同步模式,創造出令人驚艷的音樂燈光秀,讓您的派對更加熱鬧。

Govee Glide Hexa Pro LED 燈板還可以透過 Govee 應用程序或 Amazon Alexa 或 Google Assistant 語音控制,讓您更輕鬆地控制燈板,並創造出您想要的燈光效果。

Govee Glide Hexa Pro LED Light Panels to bring brand-new 3D lighting effects. With the smart control, you can design your unique 3D lighting with the RGBIC hexagon LED light panels. 10 panels are included in one packaging. You could design your unique lighting with 25 panels at most.

  • RGBIC 3D Lighting Effects: Combined with our soft backlight, these panels are taking lighting effects to a whole new dimension.
  • Style It Your Way: Design your layout in advance or choose from our recommended layouts.
  • Your Personal Light Show: Keep the party going with a multicolored selection of animated effects.
  • Be The Headliner: With Music Sync Mode, your lights will react seamlessly with your favorite tracks.
  • Smart Control: Change the colors, effects

Go Big on Creative Design Our all-new 3D light panels are for those who want to take their space to the next level. These panels offer the most versatile personalization options to adorn your walls with eye-catching 3D lighting effects, guaranteed to make a bold statement. Make your design or choose from one of our recommended designs in the Govee Home App that supports up to 25 panels for bigger and brighter walls. Your Colors Come to Life with RGBIC Watch the colors move through each panel with our innovative RGBIC technology, which allows the colors of the panels to flow together as one cohesive piece. Not only that but there are multiple ways to control your panels. Use our wide range of features on the Govee Home App to change the colors, effects, movement, and more with your mobile device. The panels are also compatible with voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Home, which allows you to control your design using only your voice.
Our 3D light panels are a centerpiece waiting to be built by you. Create works of art that add dimension and depth to your walls.
Our Story is Your Story At Govee, we believe that you can create without limitations. Every artistic effort goes a long way. When those efforts are finally recognized, you'll feel like you're on top of the world. Seize that moment to shine your brightest because when that moment arrives, you'll see life from a whole new perspective.

Soft Backlight The soft backlight of the LED panels add to the beauty of the 3D lighting effects and the aesthetic feeling of the wall and improve the ambience of the entire room. Exquisite RGBIC Lighting RGBIC light panels demonstrate exquisite lighting effects through diverse colors and brightness changes. Install up to 25 light panels at once to expand the creativity in your personal space. Artistic Installation The included 3M double-sided tape will stick the panels safely to your walls without damaging them. For more details on installing panels on the corners of the walls, please refer to the Quick Start Guide and the in-app video tutorial. Smart APP Control Through Govee Home App, you can adjust the colors, switch the scenes and change musics as you wish at your fingers to DIY your lighting effects.