Govee Glide Triangle Wall Light Panels 三角形壁燈面板


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Model: H6067

Govee Glide 三角形壁燈面板 - 為您的家居裝飾錦上添花! 這些創新的 LED 照明面板採用三角形設計,讓您可以自由創造令人賞心悅目的獨特照明效果。

Govee Glide 三角形壁燈面板採用 RGBIC(紅色、綠色、藍色、靛藍和青色)技術,讓您可以自定義燈光的顏色,以匹配您的心情、裝飾或場合。 您還可以使用 DIY 模式創建您自己的燈板佈局和佈置。

Govee Home App 提供 28 種以上的場景模式,可為您的面板提供豐富的動畫燈光效果。 這些效果包括呼吸、閃爍和運行燈等。 您還可以使用該應用程序通過 6 種音樂模式可視化您的音樂,讓您的聆聽體驗更加身臨其境。

Govee Glide 三角形壁燈面板與 Alexa 和 Google Assistant 兼容,讓您可以用聲音控制燈光。 您可以通過簡單的語音命令輕鬆打開和關閉燈、調節亮度和更改顏色。

隨附的雙面膠帶和每個面板的磁性設計使安裝變得輕而易舉。 您可以輕鬆地將面板連接到任何平面,並隨時重新排列它們。

Add flair to your home decor with these triangle light panels. Each panel creates effects that are pleasing to the eyes with RGBIC technology, music modes, DIY mode, and more.

  • Unique Lighting Effects: RGBIC lighting for your home decor.
  • DIY Lighting: Customize the layout of your light panels.
  • 28+ Scene Modes: Rich animated lighting effects for your panels.
  • Visualize Your Music: 6 Music Modes on Govee Home App.
  • Smart Voice Control: Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.
lighting Powerful RGBIC Lighting With Govee's RGBIC technology, you can go through the entire space as usual by selecting multiple colors at once for visuals that are a feast for the eyes. Lights That Surround Every Corner With its unique clear casing, your panels will be backlit onto the wall, adding a one-of-a-kind glow to enhance your room or gaming setup. Brightness shines through every edge for ultra-smooth animated lighting. lamp a group of cell phones


Easy To Install 1. Clean the wall to ensure a dust-free surface
2. Watch the installation video on Govee Home App
graphical user interface, application Lights That Know Your Schedule On the Govee Home App, you can schedule the lights whenever you'd like for more hands-free control. The timer feature allows your panels to turn on at a preset time. Create a comfortable routine with your lights. a computer screen with a cartoon on it 28+ Rich Preset Scene Modes The Govee Home App has a variety of scene effects to choose from, including Sunset Glow, Stacking, Flow, and more. The placement of your panels will be recognized to create a rainbow-like effect that flows seamlessly. packaged goods Packing Content · 10*Light Panels/10*Linking Cables
· 1*Control Box/10*Mounting Plate
· 12*Adhesive Tape/1*Adapter
· 1*Quick Start Guide/1*User Manual
· 1*Service Card/1*New Connection Cable