Ergonomic Desk (single motor)

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Home 智能升降桌 人體工學桌 Ergonomic Table Ergonomic Desk (single motor)
Home 智能升降桌 人體工學桌 Ergonomic Table Ergonomic Desk (single motor)

In recent years, Work From Home (WFH) has become popular. Many people want to create a comfortable and healthy working environment at home, and the Standing Desk has become the first choice for everyone to work from home. It is a "must-have-item for WFH". The height adjustable desk/table can keep the user's work efficiency and comfort while working at home, which is convenient for the user to develop the habit of alternating between sitting and standing. The electric desk allows the user to work standing up. Many ergonomic experts have pointed out that standing work is more beneficial than sitting for long periods of time. Standing work cannot only reduce fat accumulation, but also greatly reduce the chances of suffering from serious diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

近年,Work From Home (WFH) 居家工作大行其道,不少人都想在家打造舒適又健康的工作環境,而升降桌Standing Desk就成為大家在家工作的設備首選,是「WFH必備神器」,站立式升降桌/升降檯可以令用家在家工作時仍能保持工作效率及舒適度,方便用家培養坐立交替的習慣,電動桌令用家可以站立工作。不少人體工學專家們都指出站著工作的好處比長時間坐下多。站立工作不但可減低脂肪積聚,還可以大大減低患糖尿病、心臓病等嚴重疾病機會,完全是一舉兩得。