SYS- CH-10 回形壓紋布藝吧凳


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SYS- CH-10 回形壓紋布藝吧凳

客廳不僅是招呼客人的地方,更述說家人的生活軌跡和歷程。立即添置布藝吧凳,助你將客廳變成理想又舒適的共聚空間!混合搭配我們全布餐椅的不同顏色,為您的餐廳創造一點樂趣! 這款椅子採用舒適的靠背和豐滿的座椅設計,採用堅固的實木框架製成。
  • Dimension(mm): 510*500*990
  • Materials: Polyester, Steel pipe with a diameter of 16mm
  • Inspired by the texture of shell, designer reflects this feeling of texture on SYS series with the technique of embossing, which touches smooth and stereo
  • 尺寸(mm): 510*500*990
  • 材料 聚酯、直徑16毫米的鋼管。
  • 設計師以貝殼的質感為靈感,將這種質感以壓花的手法重新演繹在SYS系列上,觸感平滑而立體。


Please note that the colour of your computer screen may deviate from the real colour. We have the swatches available in our showroom for final review.


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