KT119E Single Motor Electronic Adjustable Desk (Black/White) 單摩打升降枱 (黑白兩色)


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KT119E Single Motor Electronic Adjustable Desk(Black/White) 單摩打升降枱 黑白兩色可選

站立式電動桌可以減輕工作時對腰背造成的負擔,改善腰痛問題,指定款式送電線收納架或導軌抽屜。 站坐交替工作可以增加新陳代謝,減少腰部脂肪囤積並紓解椎間盤壓力。


  • Rectangle tops are available in 1200mm x 600 mm
  • Height Range: 730mm - 1230mm
  • Contoured tops are not available in some sizes
  • Laminate top thickness: 25mm 
  • Load Capacity

 Color: Black Frame + Black Tabletop /White Frame + White Tabletop

  • Chipboard - A sturdy material that holds up well under pressure, creates stable desks without weak spots.


  • Standard 2-Button Up and Down Keypad: Transition between sitting and standing easily, quickly, and smoothly with just a single touch of a button.
  • Adjustable desk feet: If your desk legs are uneven resulting in a slanted desktop, simply use the leveling glides along the bottom of the desk to stabilize and level your desk.
  • Single Motor
  • 矩形頂部尺寸為1200mm x 600mm
  • 高度範圍:730mm-1230mm
  • 某些尺寸的輪廓頂部不可用
  • 層壓板最大厚度:25mm
  • 顏色:黑色桌面+黑色桌/白色桌面+白色桌
  • 壓縮板-一種堅固的材料,可以在壓力下很好地支撐住,可以形成沒有弱點的穩定辦公桌。

  • 標準的2鍵上下鍵盤:只需按一下按鈕,即可輕鬆,快速,平穩地進行坐姿和坐姿之間的轉換。
  • 可調式桌腳:如果桌腳不平坦而導致桌面傾斜,則只需使用沿桌腳底部的找平滑動件就可以穩定和調平桌腳。
  • 單摩打

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