Height Adjustable C Table 可移動電動升降桌

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  • Height Range: 650-1030mm
  • Tabletop Dimensions: 700x400mm
  • Max. Load Capacity: 420kg
  • Speed: 30mm/s
  • Power Type:100-240V
  • Decibel: <50dB
  • Offset Column: Provides more legroom users, so that they can comfortably place their legs, no matter they want to stand or sit or lie down.
  • Hidden Casters: Make the thickness of the whole pedestal thinner, so it can reach into the bottom of the furniture, like massage chair, sofa etc. In addition, this design makes the appearance of the table look more fashionable.
  • Two-Button Lifting: Users can easily adjust the the height of the desk for different situations, for example, eating, working and more.
  • Stable Structure: Allows the table stay firm and safe for the users, no matter the users of what ages.


    • 高度範圍:650-1030mm
    • 桌面尺寸:700x400mm
    • 最大承載力:20kg
    • 速度:30mm/s
    • 輸入電壓:100-240V
    • 分貝:<50dB
    • C型結構:為使用者提供更多腿部空間,讓他們無論想站、坐或躺,都能舒適地放置雙腿。
    • 隱藏式腳輪:使整個底座的厚度更薄,可以伸入家具底部,如按摩椅、沙發等。此外,這種設計使桌子的外觀看起來更時尚。
    • 兩鍵升降:用戶可以根據不同的情況輕鬆調整辦公桌的高度,例如吃飯、工作等。
    • 穩定的結構:無論什麼年齡的用戶,都可以讓桌子保持牢固和安全。

    顏色 Color: 

    • Walnut table top + black table frame
    • Wood table top + white table frame
    • 胡桃木色桌面+黑色桌架
    • 原木色桌面+白色桌架

    尺寸 Dimension(mm) 

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