DC-128 貝殼椅背餐椅

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DC-128 貝殼椅背餐椅


椅子的外殼呈城堡狀,坐在上面有一種圍合感。 鏤空的設計不僅讓椅子更有創意和精緻,而且讓坐在上面的人感覺舒適透氣。

Leisure Tower Chair With Wooden Legs

The shell of chair is in the shape of castle, and there is a sense of enclosure when sitting on it. Hollow-carve design not only make the chair more creative and delicate, but also makes person sitting on it feel comfortable and breathable.


  • Sponge mat of high quality
  • Heightening the back of chair
  • Hollow-carved design


  • The chair seat is neither too hard nor too soft
  • Protect your back and be at ease to lean on it
  • No compactness, breathable and comfortable


Item No:TO-12W L540*W565*H810mm   SH:450mm
Standard color: Black, White, Grey
Optional color Blue,Ginger,Navy blue, Pink


PP. wood, sponge, fabric
  • Dimension(cm): Width 55cm; Height 80cm
  • Materials: plastic, wood
  • Color: Black/White/Ginger/Green Tea
  • 尺寸(cm):寬 55cm; 高 80cm
  • 材料:塑料,木材
  • 顏色:黑/白/薑黃色/綠茶
  • 材質: PP.木材、海綿、織物高質量的海綿墊
  • 鏤空設計
  • 加高椅背
  • 鏤空設計


  • Office
  • Restaurant 
  • Study


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