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The Kid ergonomic table is specially designed to meet the needs of children's learning. The learning adjustable desk has a 40-degree inclined plate reading angle, which is adjusted to the correct desktop angle, the back is naturally straight, and the shoulders and neck are relaxed. The ergonomic design can adjust the height of the table and chair according to the height to protect the healthy growth of children's spine. Our Kid ergonomic table is made of non-toxic materials to protect children's health. It is an inevitable choice for children to learn and grow up with them!

兒童升降枱專為滿足兒童學習需求而設計,兒童書桌特有40度斜板的閱讀角度,調校至正確的桌面角度,背部自然挺直,肩頸放鬆。符合人體工學設計,可配合身高調節桌椅高度, 保護兒童脊椎健康成長。我們的兒童升降桌均用上無毒物料製造,保護兒童健康,是兒童學習必然之選,一起陪孩子一起長大!